Adam St. James is the editor of and author or editor of numerous guitar and music instructional books published by Hal Leonard, the world’s largest music publisher. His books can be purchased online through this website, or at thousands of music and book stores throughout the world.

Guitar and guitar music has been Adam’s passion for several decades. He has been an active player for nearly 30 years and has finally reached that long joked about point of having forgotten more about guitar than many people ever learn in the first place. He currently fronts a blues rock band in Chicago and tries each night to remember a few cool licks he used to know.

In previous incarnations, Adam ran Fender Frontline magazine and vintage guitar site He has written for dozens of major magazines and newspapers, including most of the major U.S. guitar publications. He has worked as a guitar tech for Sammy Hagar and his band, and wrote Sammy’s most recent tour program.

Adam grew up in Buffalo, New York, and Anchorage, Alaska. He moved to Southern California as a teenager and lived and performed there throughout much of his adult life, frequenting the legendary stages of the Sunset Strip and other major Southern California concert venues for many years. Subsequently, Adam has lived and performed in Miami and Chicago, and made numerous musical trips to points throughout North America.

As editor of, Adam has interviewed and written about many of the world’s most influential guitarists. He also produced most of the celebrity video guitar lessons available on the website. He is a strong advocate of the video medium and its online applications, especially within the realm of the guitar industry. Looking forward, Adam hopes to continue in this direction, melding technology with his natural enthusiasm for teaching and exploring the endless possibilities of the guitar.


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